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11-03-2010, 08:39 PM
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Originally Posted by BiLLY_ShOE1721 View Post
Czar Nikolay III:

Can someone turn his stick into a scepter? (I know he's Ukrainian but in Imperial Russia Ukraine was part of the Russian Empire.)

Originally Posted by BWAVgal View Post

Any chance I can get this avy (125 x 125) with the topaz effect, pretty please?

Thx in advance.

Originally Posted by bjd624 View Post
soo anything new by our skilled 'shoppers?
I'm still trying to get that Ocean's 11 thing done... the more involved ones take some time -- which I've been short of lately. I have my long break this week so we'll see what I can get done..

Originally Posted by Mgkibbles View Post
Can somebody Topaz this for me? Don't change the size because I'm not sure what I wanna do with it yet.

Originally Posted by NYFlyerFan View Post
Awesome work. I was wondering if you could do that effect thing for this picture for me

Originally Posted by Decklann View Post
Hey, can you make a Timonen or Carcillo version of the "emery massacre" picture?

P.S. Can you make me a avatar of Boucher dancing after he blocked the shootout shot to get him the Flyers in the playoffs with that "effect" like in harakiri's avatar? I hope I am not asking to much. I would REALLY appreciate it.
With the Timonen or Carcillo pic ( I think Carcillo makes more sense).. you just want a random pic of bodies with him standing there? I can do that, just wanted to clarify..

Also, if you asking for an animated gif of Boosh, that's not really my forte. Maybe if Claude sees this he'll help out.

Originally Posted by Timonen View Post
Hey Jules I was wondering if you could work your magic for me. I have a picture I need to have made look old and antique.
The picture is below and I was wondering if you could add some effects for me. Thanks in advance.

Something like this?

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