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10-06-2003, 03:21 AM
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I lost a good friend in a vehicular accident 12 years ago. Not many days go by that I don't think of him, at least for an instant. I see his parents now and then and the pain they feel is a physical tangible thing. It is something that is on their mind, every moment of every day. Keep in mind that a lot of lives have been destroyed here. Snyder's family, Heatley's family, Heatley himself, noone will be the same. I can feel sympathy, I guess empathy is a better word, for anyone going through what these people are. I doubt that there was any intent, but one split second decision cost a life. I don't know whether Heatley felt invincible, whether he often drives recklessly, nor do I really care. He'll pay the legal price by whatever is determined. He'll carry around the results for the rest of his life. I feel bad for everyone involved, though I think the law should follow it's course. I'm glad that noone's teenage child was biking or walking down that road at that moment. Could this have happened to any one of us ? It sure could have happened to me. Years ago there were occasions that my car was in the driveway but I had no idea how it got there. I was lucky and I learned. I didn't pay much of a price for my stupidity, I was luckier than those 2 kids.

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