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Originally Posted by Koseegin View Post
Wasn't it the 25th pick overall,? Calgary picked Greg Nemisz with it if I'm not mistaken. Tanguay was picked up because Gainey mentioned how he wanted to improve 5 on 5 scoring. Tanguay and Lang excelled in this area the previous year. I'm not saying it was or wasn't a good pickup, but Montreal's offense came primarily from one line the previous year. They also lived by their PP. We needed top 6 players and Gainey got two.

It was by no means a bad trade considering that most contenders give up assets to acquire what they need and there was a huge consensus that Montreal would be a contender. I'm sure had Gainey done nothing, people would still complained.

I still don't see how we got fleeced(not referring to you, but reffering to JayBee) for trading for Tanguay as it is the standard trade for pieces you need to become a contender. It didn't work out, but Tanguay wasn't the only problem, the entire team crapped the bed that year. Gainey did what he needed to do, he got two top 6 forwards for secondary scoring. We needed that as much as we needed toughness. It didn't work out and he moved on. You can't predict how your moves will pan out. He had clear intentions and justifiable intentions for acquiring Tanguay. Everyone was excited about acquiring Tanguay, only after the season ended did people complain. But he along with Kovalev and Koivu helped squeeze into the playoffs when they had that crazy pointstreak in their final 15 games.
I know, I pretty much agree. I was for the trade at the time, but figured he was in the plans long term. I didn't think he was all that bad while he was here either, but Gainey seemed to get on a kick of trading picks for players and then letting the players walk, along with letting our future UFA dman go for nothing. Not always his fault, but overall it seemed like poor managing of assets to me. I believe Tanguay was a 1st and a 2nd, which is kinda steep for one year, but certainly no fleecing.

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