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11-03-2010, 08:15 PM
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You spoke about being fleeced, so let's analyze.
1. Ribeiro trade (A massive gaffe)
Yes, Gainey admitted this
2. Tanguay trade (lost a 1st round pick for a guy who was too afraid to play in the plyaoffs[B])
It was a late first round pick and Tanguay was something we needed Gainey could not predict that he would not play in he playoffs. Tanguay, for the games he did play in the regular season was really effective, I don't see it as fleecing. He was a need and Gainey gave fair value for the type of player he was at the time.
3. Spacek signing
Not a trade, therefore it cannot be something where Gainey was fleeced
4. Trading Huet away and letting Price handle the load Price performed well the rest of that season and the entire first round of that playoffs.
The second we got for Huet also allowed us to acquire Lang. I still don't understand how this was a "fleece". Also you complain about letting Souray and Streit walk for nothing, but then complain when we traded an impending UFA. Shows that some people will never be happy.
5. Letting Streit walk
Not a trade
6. Letting Souray walk for nothing (had high trade value and everyone knew he wasn't going to get signed)
Not a trade
7. Not looking too good on the Latendresse trade either.
Still yet to be determined, I liked Latendresse, hated his attitude and Ethic, it seems to have followed him to Minnesotta as his coached called him out.

First you said we get fleeced every 4 out of 5 deals, not you talk about Gaffes. You used the fleecing excuse to explain why you don't give our GM the benefit of the doubt.

Here's some trades off the top of my head that were good.

1. Kovalev trade. Was a great trade
2. The Rivet trade. Great trade.
3. Garon for Bonk and Huet. Very Good trade, both players filled their roles perfectly, much more than Garon could ever have.
4. 2nd round pick for Lang

The only really clear cut bad one was Ribiero.

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