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10-06-2003, 03:45 AM
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Originally Posted by anon
Another sad moment to go with so many more in the 2003 hockey off-season.

Russian Fan, I used to enjoy your posts. But as the summer has progressed, I've noticed you getting more abrasive, defensive and spewing a lot of venom. I suggest you find yourself a girlfriend (or boyfriend if that tickles your fancy) and leave the self-righteous bombast in your head rather than your fingertips.
lol maybe you just don't who your talking to , I have a girlfriend & all the package.

Also maybe you didnt read the post or you want to believe also that Heatley earn what he does but my posts was about how much people on the INTERNET doesn't think before writing something.

In this particular case, it's about a kid (22) name Dany Heatley who made a terrible , TERRIBLE judgment & cause the death of someone that like McPhee said will change the life of many around Snyder & HEatley's family.

Im not here to defend Dany HEatley's act.

My point of my post is to CALLED the LACK OF TOLERANCE a few posters recently when it's time to post. Like Heatley should go in jail because he earn what he does or another poster who have no sympathy whatsoever on Chad Kilger when he receive a stick on the eye. If you think this is spewing venom, maybe your not mature enough to see that this kind of statement made by few posters here are not only useless but demonstrate the lack of judgment by themselves by calling vengeance over some lack of judgment made by those recents acts.

Maybe if you tried to see why in this case, I thought going over Kerberos was spewing venom then so be it but I was always some kind of emotional man when it comes to narrow mind who dont go beyond the simple accident & because it's the internet they are not afraid to judge people.

People who know me here, know that I never called people A$$hole or Jerk when to talk about which player we prefered or why we disagree on something. But when it comes in a situation like your not afraid to judge people that you dont simply because an unfortunate act had happened. To me I dont think it's spewing venom to treat them like idiots.

I dont know if you will read this well but that's my sincere thoughts here.

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