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Originally Posted by JayBee View Post
All low level trades. And still, the Ribeiro one was such an epic fail that Gainey's low level trades can't even save it.
But you still haven't shown me the fleecing of every 4 or 5 trades. All you can refer to is one which can be considered fleecing. It was, Gainey admitted it. But you still haven't shown me a reason as to why I shoudn't give gauthier the benefit of the doubt.

I wouldn't call the Kovalev trade a low level trade considering he was a key part of our Key for a good amount of time. He wasn't the best player in the league, but he was still an important part of our team(though i didn't really like him).

Rivet for Gorges and Pacioretty low level? Gorges is part of our current core and is a very important player for this club. He gets praised by every analyst and is a fan favorite, a coaches favorite and a team's favorite.

Bonk also played pretty well for us as our 3rd line center. Up to this day I still think he was the best shutdown center we've ever had in the Gainey-Gauthier era. Actually if we had a player of that defensive calibre on our team now, we'd be a lot better than what we are now. Huet was also a key contribute in his time here. You're actually mad that we shipped him off, so I don't see how you can just brush the trade as "low level"

Lang was also acquired for very little and did a lot for our club before he got injured. In fact he was carrying the club on his shoulders until he got hurt.

In almost everyone of these trades, the guys Gainey brought in played key roles, so I'd hardly call that low level trades. But considering that your just so pessimistic about everything, I'm not surprised that you view everything as doom and gloom. In your mind that one Ribiero trade trumped all other goods.

Here, I'll help you out. Scott Gomez trade.

Although here are some other trades that I though were fair...not omg what a genius trade, but a fair trade.

1. Tanguay for the 1st round pick
2. Schneider for the second round pick.

Both of these are no different than San Jose trading Gorges and 1st for Rivet was considered to be a good hockey trade. But yet the Canadiens complete a similar trade, they've been fleeced.

A fleecing is the Ribeiro trade. Or the Heatley trade. Or the Hossa to the pens. All two of the three players in that deal played for different teams within two years, did contribute anything significant to the club and the third part of that trade looks like he may never make the nhl. And Hossa is a whole different Calibre of player from what we've ever traded.

Heatley was traded essentially for Michalek. Cheechoo was terrible(though all his injuries ruined his career, Ottawa took a gamble).

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