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11-04-2010, 02:59 AM
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Originally Posted by BobSantos View Post
Good post. Dubinsky is taking his game to a new level. What I've liked is that he's controlling the pace of the play when he needs to. He can protect the puck and pass it off to keep play alive. He seems to understand that a garbage goal is as good as a beautiful goal, and he seems to will his linemates to succeed.

On Cally's first goal you could almost see Dubi feeding him intentionally.
It was definitely intentional. It was the same thing when Cally fed Dubi infront in the Chicago game. Pass/Shoot at the stick. They probably practice this daily.
Originally Posted by pld459666 View Post
Finally, Dubinsky, I have given this guy crap for a while now. I have mentioned time and again how I think that he is a glorified 3rd liner (same as Cally) however, I must now eat my words as he has come into this season with purpose and has demonstrated an ability to be part of a line that has carried this team through 11 games (not long, but not to shabby either) He's playing an imposing style that compliments his lines-mates and as such, all three are having fantastic starts to their seasons.

As long as they can continue this effort (points aside) I have to admit that my assessment on both Dubinsky and Callahan were off and they are both legit players playing like a true 1st line.
I too had my doubts Dubi would develop into something other than a role player.

I think the big difference in Dubi,.. is not his confidence. I believe he always had a certain swagger to his game. The difference is,... the right choices he's making without hesitation. Seeing the ice, seeing the plays develop beforehand, looking for options instinctively. Split second decisions. Much like when Cally anticipates a pass and breaks it up.

Before,.. Dubi would protect the puck with his back to the net. Holding on to it much like Jagr would. But you can't see or make plays with your back to the net unless you are Jaromir Jagr. He has learned to face the net with the puck and to keep his head up.

It also helps he's playing with 2 very instinctual linemates too. All 3 know where to position themselves on the ice without the puck. All 3 search for open ice. All 3 go the dirty areas as well. What really suprises me is how come we haven't seen Dubi and Cally together till now? Or have I, and it's just that AA has been the secret ingredient?

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