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11-04-2010, 06:01 AM
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Originally Posted by DrDoom View Post
Ok so the demise of the Devils seems to be in order.
Bit of an exaggeration there. They've had a really crap first 14 games of the season. If that constitutes their "demise" then every team must be in their "demise" rather frequently.

I guess we were in our "demise" when we were last in the league at one point last year or when we finished last in the league several years ago.

They have like Lamoriello has increasingly looked human.
I think Lamiorello could have done better last off-season, but you can't blame him for a lot of what's going wrong so far this season.

I suspect he has a malignant brain tumor or something because his miscalc with Kovalchuck was completely unlike him and not a typical NJ Devil acquisition although Mogilny was considered an anomaly of sorts.
Calling it a miscalc 14 games into the contract is totally unfair. I don't see why Kovalchuk should be singled out for sucking when the rest of the team sucks as well, especially when their defense can't move the puck and Kovalchuk is their leading scorer.

Anyway, considering they are among the worst teams in the league thus far, I'm wondering if they are going to pull a Pitt and get extremely "lucky" by landing a franchise player in the upcoming draft.
Too early to tell. Buffalo, Edmonton, Anaheim, and to a lesser extent, the Islanders are all really bad.

Originally Posted by Cleary84 View Post
Why? Mez has been very solid this year, imo.
Originally Posted by Spongolium View Post
Yeah because mez has really been stinking up the joint...........

Where do these people come from
Meszaros has played well for us, but you're fooling yourself if you think Meszaros is better then Volchenkov (age and potential for injury being ignored of course).

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