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Originally Posted by Yarfangor View Post
Okay so...

I need some advice about what to do...

I pre-ordered the Samsung Captivate the 18th, They tell me its back order on the day I should have received it, so I'm like okay, I receive a package in the mail via UPS, and Rogers sends me a ****ing Samsung Wave. Completely different phone worth 30 bucks, where I paid 5 times that for a friggn Phone that they thought would be so clever to slip me another Samsung -HE HE MAYBE THEY WONT NOTICE- friggin idiots.

Okay so I call and they say I have to mail it back, pay the shipping, then when they get it back whenever (Apparently I have to guess when they receive it, because they don't believe I have it) I have to call, and RE-ORDER the phone, which is already out of stock supposedly. I lose my Priority because they were so clever "He he we'll send him a phone and he will no longer be in line for the Captivate", and I'd get it sometime in December. Either that or wait till the 22nd and go buy it in stores myself.

What do I do? I want to call and complain but that 1-888-rogers number is garbage the Customer Service agents are pathetic, and their managers are even worse.

Anyone have any advice? I'm livid right now and I refuse to be steam-rolled like this by their ********.
Tell them a friend of yours runs a tech blog that gets over 100k hits a month and that if they don't fix your problem your friend is going to give them so much bad rep that they'll lose business as a result. (Obviously when speaking to a manager)

Then just link them some really popular tech site that reviews products and services


If you don't do any of this before speaking to the person they'll walk all over you because they'll know they can just hang up on your face with no reprecussions. Keep in mind they do sometimes give you a fake name and such but at least if they did then you can tell the next person you speak with that this is what happened, even upon talking to a manager you can try to get them to review the call if the person in fact did ******** you or treat you badly. (ticket # can be left till after you're done) One time videotron cut me off when I had called them to let them know I'd be a week late on a payment, they agreed to it and then cut me off anyways. They were able to review the call where their service rep agreed to let me have that extra week though and I wasn't charged a reconnect fee.

Just call and ask to speak to a supervisor/manager, if one couldn't help me I'd ask them to escalate me to their boss. Eventually they'll refuse and then say they're the highest person up which is almost notoriously a lie with these companies. Then ask the person "oh okay so you run the entire department? Oh okay so you must not have a boss then, you aren't owned by Rogers then.. blah blah blah give me YOUR ****ing boss right now".

Talk to the highest up person you can cause the others are just braindead minions who stick to the script. The script of how to do as little for your clients as possible. Eventually you'll get in touch with somebody who will actually be able to help you resolve the issue and won't want to waste their time arguing with you when they know their own company is in the wrong and they'll just send you the damn phone. I'm not kidding it sounds ridiculous but when using this method it's never really failed me in situations where I wasn't at fault. The thing I said above was sort of a joke, like a last ditch effort. This though, this is pretty much how you can get companies that are **** and offer **** poor customer service to honor their agreements.

The people you speak to, even the first person they escalate the call to, these people rarely if ever can help you. They have absolutely no power and all they do is play a game of run around with you and try to brush you off as best they can. Sad but true.

Originally Posted by HABSolutelyDbest View Post
I don't want to promote other forums but try posting this on It's a cellphone forum and they might be able to help you. Theres a Rogers section on there.

Also, if you go on the rogers site you can find e-mail addresses to complain to someone a little higher up then the people on the phones and their managers. My brother did this and it worked out for him.

If you paid the phone with your credit card i'd call my credit card company and see if it's possible to reverse the charge because you never received the product. I doubt it but you can try.

Good luck!
"Hi I'd like to report fraud" because essentially that is what rogers did.

Now they want you to pay the shipping when they basically tried to fraud you?

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