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11-04-2010, 09:36 AM
Ed finally concedes!
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Originally Posted by chaosof99 View Post
Not exactly. The Devils traded their 1st this year to Atlanta in the Kovalchuk deal, and the NHL took away a 1st in a year of their choice within the next 4 (so either 2011, 12, 13, or 14) as punishment for the ridiculous contract.
I forgot about this. BTW Bergfors is doing pretty good with Atlanta and Atlanta seems more balanced as a team since they unloaded Koval"choke." Anyway, obviously my intent in using the term "demise" was more hyperbole b/c of my dislike fo the team but I do think as a team they are waning and have sort of lost their way. They are trying to gain a new identity under their new coach and as we know with the Flyers under Stevens and then most of last year that is no easy task no matter the core and the skill of that core. You have to gain chemistry under a new system that Maclean is trying to establish.

Holik was on NHL Network the other night and even though I was distracted by his Schwarzenegger accent he even said the Devils have a lot of work to do and have veered from their tradition and was kind of befuddled by the Kovalchuck signing. I just think the Kovalchuck signing was still a miscalc considering they lost two first rounders from it and it's questionable how much impact he will have as being one of their core players expecially since he's such a huge cap hit. I mean it messed up their whole roster earlier in the season. Now if we add in Brodeur starting to rust..the Devils don't look as great going forward....

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