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Originally Posted by Orr Nightmare View Post
Agreed....but bringing in medicore talent like Nedved, Lindross and the like is more painful to watch than a kid busting his hump and learning and growing...there is no booing of MDZ...Rozy, sure...he makes 5 million a year and has played 8 years in the league..just making a point...Rozy has been much better but I would still move him if I could.

The only trade prospal I ever made was Cally for James Neal and after watching Cally put his body on the line every shift...i would be hard pressed to trade Cally for almost anyone...but I am not trading Cally for Brad Richards, which the majority of the people on this board would do...
Was Nedved a Sather signing or Smith? I can't even remember these days...felt like he was around when Sather took over, and he used to be a pretty damn good player. Problem was that he was asked to be a 1st line center when he was really more of a support scoring, 2nd line guy.

Lindros also owned for awhile but obviously was so injury prone that he concussed himself out of usefulness.

At any rate, not totally defending those moves either, but I think you'd have to realize that the Rangers had almost zero young talent at the time Sather took over and if the team was going to tank to get high draft picks it would have been watching a team of ****** NHLers, castoffs from other teams, skating around and losing badly every night and the fans would have hated that every step of the way. Also a pretty damn good chance Dolan would have just fired Sather and hired someone else who would have gone out and done the same thing.

I don't think this is really unique to NY fans either, but at any rate, it's never really as easy as saying "oh yeah we'd totally be up for a rebuild!" without having to go through years of terrible terrible hockey played by crappy players while waiting for the actual good talent to develop in the minors.

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