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Originally Posted by KINGS17 View Post
Stuart not a bad defenseman on an awful team led by a captain that definitely sucked. I don't think this group will allow any passengers and I don't think Jack wants to be one. I know we would be paying a little for potential, but I think you agree it is a calculated risk where the odds are in the Kings' favor.

i think Stuart was a lot better than people gave him credit for. i also think many people are way too eager to mulliganize certain players over others for whatever reason. Stuart, already with a decent reputation, was either the best or second best defenseman for Calgary in the playoffs the year prior to coming here, comes here - a bad team with wonky leadership, is okay overall and draws a ton of ire... which was further cemented when he didn't come back to L.A. after being dealt to Detroit... where again, was VERY good in their cup run.

but what remains unfortunately, is a lot of blah frah without any context, and lingering memories of a poor game 7 against Pittsburgh in the following finals... which was perhaps the worst game i have ever seen him play.

veering back now, as much as i love to punish Johnson and am usually one of the first in line to do so, i wouldn't think about dealing him for anything outside of a homerun swap (an example being a equally beneficial Forward for Defenseman deal) and would strongly consider paying him that 'potential' money

i don't think i'd have too much of an issue with $3.5 Million or so, but i may be a little iffy on $4 or more million... i like Giordano plenty (especially because he completely OWNS Dustin Brown), but i think he'll be paid too much.

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