Thread: Line Combos: Offensive/Defensive lines changed!
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11-04-2010, 04:18 PM
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Great mix up by Martin imo. (let me clarify great before people attack me, I mean great because he is at least putting talent where it belongs, finally).

Also, since we've acquired Gomez, I've been dying for him to play with Andrei. Why?

Because Andrei is much of a puck carrier, he's more of a give and go type of player and since he's been with the Canadiens, he's never got to play with a player to compliment his tyle(expect that one year where Kovalev actually decided to play). Having Gomez on the line compliments Andrei's style perfectly. Gomez loves to carry the puck and gains the zone very effectively. Also he loves to pass(as we know) and I felt that Andrei's role as a sniper in the four years he's been on this team has never been exploited, ever.

He's always been the puck fetcher on his line and has always been given secondary attention by his linemates(Kovalev was the primary scorer and now Cammalleri). For some reason I really do think it can work well for Andrei and Gomez. Gomez now has to guys on his line who are not only not afraid to shoot, but they know how to get themselves open. It will be benefiicial for him since he depends on his wingers. I really do think it can work out for the good. I would love to see this but I'm missing the game tomorrow.

As for Eller. Look, he's been given top 6 duty only twice this season(I don't count the OT goal with Andrei). In the Toronto game he blew me away for a 21 year old out of the nhl. Last game, he played extremely well with Cammalleri and Plekanec. He doesn't have to be a permanent solution, but give him a taste and give us a taste. It's the only way he'll know what he needs to improve on.

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