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11-04-2010, 04:31 PM
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Originally Posted by MiamiScreamingEagles View Post
Free throws that make the score 4-2? Thrilling.

My main gripe near/around the lockout was that comebacks seemed rare and games too often were, in essence, decided after two periods. We all know the lavish records teams had when leading after two periods, even, it seemed, the mediocre teams. I'm not sure how that compared statistically to the high-scoring eras referenced by Van Hellemond but coaching is an important factor in all this. Also, no one wants to see All-Star Game scores if it includes the style of play to get there.
I agree with most everything he said in his article too. I hate the ************* of the rules in the last 5 years that the game has become more often than not....

I think it was last night, or the night before i was watching the Senators game and dating back to sometime last year their record when leading after 2 periods was a perfect 26-0....

I dont think the new rules did much to increase scoring, all they did was make fan bases rabid for wanting a Penalty called every time a player falls or so much gets pushed by an opposing player in a weird way. Most of the games where the refs get PP happy have absolutely no flow to them as its a trade off of PP's watching one zone after another and the transition game is killed.

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