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11-04-2010, 05:34 PM
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Originally Posted by FlyHigh View Post
I actually disagree with some of the comments here. While the 70s and 80s were fine, the era from about 97 to 04 (give or take a couple on the 97 side) was just brutal as far as the clutching/grabbing/interference etc.

I mean, I always enjoy watching Flyers PO games from the 04 run, but I can totally understand that if you were a neutral or a casual fan, that's hard to watch.

The goalie equipment is still a problem, but as an on-ice product, the game has improved exponentially compared to 10 years ago.
I'd agree to a certain extent sure. You used to be able to quite literally latch on to a guy in the neutral zone and hang on for a free ride. But the way they call obstruction in my opinion simply is laughable on some nights. I just have a fundamental issue with the way in which they police the game in that regards. That type of stuff needed to go, but in my opinion again, not at the expense of the somewhat organic flow that i absolutely grew to love about hockey. While hockey is for sure much better off than it was during the dead puck era, I still firmly believe that there's room for some improvement.
But as far as the NHL trying to solves its scoring issues by adjusting the rules is futile, just look at the pads and goalie styles from 20 years back and its glaringly obvious why scoring is down. unless of course you're NHL brass that is...

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