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11-04-2010, 10:41 PM
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Originally Posted by berzark View Post
Im having a hard time loading the flex on my stick on snapshots.. I dont really get the putting weight on my bottom hand when I need to lift the stick up.. Does it do it automaticly when doing the normal weight transfer or do I actually have to push on the ground?

Also I used to shoot my snappers just like you said in the video minus the 3rd step.. As in I closed my blade, open it when I hit the puck and kind of pointed to the net but didnt close the blade up again. I'm confused, why would you want to do that? Its kind of an awkward movement and I dont understand how it can help your shot?

Thanks to those who will answer ! Learning a lot here !
A couple thoughts. 1)The more you close the blade on the follow thru, the lower the shot will stay 2)Don't focus on loading the stick, a snapper needs to be released quickly and deceptively. It's really not a power shot 3)Keep your weight all on your inside leg when you take the snapper in motion.

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