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11-05-2010, 08:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Dagoon44 View Post
Will you please stop this the final nail in me believing some people here actually understand hockey. Boogy had a meaning less fight as a lot of you put it. He won the fight vs the other teams goon no big deal but a loss could have been.

Now let's get to the issues at hand. Boogy had nothing to do with the Rangers having 11 shots on goal after 2 periods. He has nothing to do with Callahan Dubinski and Boyle not playing tough. He has nothing to do with Hanks horrible deflating goal. He was not Staal who was as Dave Maloney said puck gazing on the wrong side of the ice. Boogaard fought and won. Carcillio is a punk and did what he did because he is a dirt bag dirty player. Brandon Prust kicked his ass all over the ice and stood up for his teammate. Boogy is far cry from Messier but stop the whole everything is his fault nonsense man
this just in Boogaard is now responsible for in Ranger land
He traded for Espo as a child
He tore Jd's knee apart in 1979
he checked ulf Neilson
He dressed as Mario and scored 5 goals off Richter.
He beat up Ollie and stole his jersey and took the shoot out for him
Jeez, enough with the drama...

He didn't say Boogaard was responsible for everything that has ever happened to the Rangers. He said Boogaard is not fulfilling his role, and he's right. Don't go off the deep end on us.

Brandon Prust has a cap hit of less than half of Boogaard. Lose Boogaard, find two more Brandon Prusts, and the team will be MUCH better off.

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