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Originally Posted by sevil View Post
so, you kind of proved my point. Sergie didn't start with a bad attitude. He was better earlier in his career. He wasn't always in the dog house. It grew to be bitter. What caused it?

Latendresse, lazy. sure. but isn't that part of the coaches job, to motivate. to find out what works best and get the best out of the player.

Warn Spacek.. hahaha. yeah the stern warning really helped spacek get better, he was brilliant in the last game.

At work, there is a saying. "they are only as good as we train them to be". If our employees are not doing the job, or have attitude or are lazy, it is because of us. We need to find the problem and fix it. We are responsible for those under us. There is no passing the buck here. If someone is failing it is up to the management to fix it. Whether it be through being stern or supportive.
No offense but that has to be one of the stupidest sayings I've ever heard. I know plenty of people who were well trained in jobs I've been at who were just lazy plain and simple. You can't train work ethic, you can motivate people but when you're paying them that's their main motivation not your kind words. If people are going to be lazy not really much you can do but fire them if they aren't doing their job. To blame yourselves for that though is just stupid.

There are also plenty of people out there who in all aspects of their job are solid and work hard, but I'm sure as a result they feel they're owed something more and they steal. Do you blame yourselves for that too? Maybe you could've trained them better in not stealing. It's essentially the same thing. How can you blame yourself for the actions of others. Yeah if they're doing something wrong and it's because you showed them it the wrong way that's one thing. But to blame yourselves for lazyness in another human being, something you obviously cannot control. That's bizarre dude.

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