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Originally Posted by timlap
(I am ignoring Messenger's theory that things will blow up entirely and the Leafs will somehow acquire Sidney, post-apocaypse. If the apocalypse happens,all bets are off)..
Excuse me.. but is this really your best position on this situation ??

When have you ever none me to be wrong. ??

(Not counting or including my indisputable mistakes, clear and undeniable errors, gross miscalculations, wild over exaggerations, seriously flawed logic positions, outright fabrications, un-researched responses, bold faced lies, incoherent logic, unadulterated categorically unrecoverable foul-ups or downright blunders, utter nonsense, fatal misnomers, inaccurate comments, misrepresentations of facts, complete boo-boo’s, clueless uncontrollable gibberish, whacked out opinions, unintelligible postings, erroneous assumptions, indecipherable misprints, circular reasoning, questionable grasp of reality ramblings, clear and present baiting, superimposed cover ups, marginally accurate presumptions or beliefs, unintentional typo’s, misquoted references, involuntary and or inadvertent slip-ups and a miscellaneous bucket to catch everything else


……………that I have ever admitted to ?? )

When Have I ever been wrong ??

and on a completely unrelated point .. When do you think Crosby will join the Marlies??

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