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Originally Posted by Pugs35 View Post
Pretty much this. Look no further than the Del Zotto bashing thread, or the classic "You Don't win with players like Anisimov" thread from the early summer.
I definitely cursed him out and suggested he needs to be in the stands selling hot dogs while watching real defense get played by some other team but that was at the TV in anger immediately after a bad fail keep in and giveaway led to a goal. Unfrotunately some people instead of yelling at the TV took out their anger here on the boards and it's emotion coming out with a few. I was this close to calling him Blow Zotto the new Blowzival haha. It will be dissappointing if he continues to make huge gaffes like that and doesn't start to improve the scoring a bit more. But I am willing to believe that he may not really hit his stride a s a pro until he's 23 which is another entire season away.

You always hope these guys will just improve like that as Soph's but sometimes you gotta wait 2, 3 or 4 years.

You hope a Sauer was ready two years ago but the guy looks good now and that's all that matters in the end. Does he get there eventually? Let's hope.

And some people just flat out play arm chair GM (Artie thread, trade DUbs thread.)

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