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11-05-2010, 03:35 PM
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I know that people toss around the word "Tank" like teams actually lose on purpose, but I, in my heart of hearts, do not believe that any team truly tanked.
I want to comment on this one statement..."tanking" generally does not refer to teams blowing games on purpose (i.e. chicago black sox/world series)

What tanking infers is that management will put together a team that does not and cannot compete, no matter how hard they try (i.e. islanders for a few years)

Garth snow, and im not ragging on him, blew whatever hope that team had, put essentially an ahl product out on the ice, that would almost CERTAINLY guarantee a top 5 pick, in addition, any FA veterans that were signed, were almost all on one year deals which could be dealt at the deadline for EVEN MORE picks

Tanking refers to managements current decision as part of a long time plan, not throwing away games for free.

Tanking certainly happens and will continue to, until teams stop being rewarded for putting awful products on the ice.

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