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Originally Posted by pld459666 View Post
I know that people toss around the word "Tank" like teams actually lose on purpose, but I, in my heart of hearts, do not believe that any team truly tanked.

Granted, there may be questionable moves that make it seem so, but Sather has been making questionable moves for 10 years now in an attempt to win.

The fact is that not signing top UFA's is not tanking. Not trading away youth for former MVP's that come with car loads of baggage is not tanking. Not trading for someone with an 11 million dollar annual salary is not tanking.

The Rangers had EVERY opportunity build the right way. They didn't have to trade for Jagr even if it was a sweet-heart deal.

They didn't have to get Lindros. That was Sather's first big move. Remember "Mouse or a Lion"

The fact is that Neil Smith had the right idea back in 99. He signed a decent player in Theo Fleury, some role players in Lefebvre, Quintal, McLean, Kamensky and Taylor and proclaimed that these players (4 year deal was the max length) were here for the sole purpose of bridging a gap for when the youngsters were going to take over.

They had every opportunity to "rebuild" then, but Dolan saw it other wise and less than 18 months after Sather got hired, he traded for Lindros and started this BS merry-go-round the medicore tree.

The time was right for this franchise to rebuild back in 99.

Whether Neil Smith was the right guy to do it is not relevant.

Not going after every big name on the market would not have constituted a tank job. Not trading for guys like Lindros and Bure and Jagr would not have constituted a tank job.

Even now with what looks to be a promising core of solid players, we have to hope that we get a player that can be dominant offensively before we can truly compete. I don't see one of those in the system. No, I'm not talking about a Sid or an AO or a Malkin or a Thornton, but do we have a Nik Backstrom in the system? How about a Marian Hossa? Or a Ryan Getzlaf?

I don't know if we do or don't, but I do know that the route that this team took back before the 2000 draft and have been taking has not panned out so well. And recent drafts aside, I don't trust the point man running the Org. to lead us back to where we need to be.
You had me up until the bolded. Smith did pretty much everything wrong. He waited far, far too long to start the rebuild. He picked a terrible draft to rebuild with. He drafted poorly. And then instead of letting the team suck he tried to force it back into the playoffs with crappy players like the ones he signed. The Rangers had traded their 1st rounder in 2000, I am pretty sure Smith expected the Rangers back in the playoffs. Smith believed Malhotra, Lundmark and Brendl would be the core of the team in the future. Yikes.

If you want to rebuild, part of that is playing young players (even if you do not have many quality ones, which the Rangers did not) and losing with them. Some of them might take the opportunity and run with it and in any case you end up with a high draft pick.

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