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Originally Posted by Maxpac View Post
Good? bad? Doesn't matter?
I've done it before practices and nothing house league games (can't in beer league, the guys are too big/strong for me to sacrifice performance and I couldn't run a 5k to save my life these days )... I'd go for a 5k run and do some pushups/pullups about two hours before the game.

Sometimes it felt like it helped be because I was warmed up and stretched out, and other times it hurt. I distinctly remember one game where by the end of the second my legs had absolutely no go at all... I think I was taking 20 second shifts for the entire third.

It was a lot of stress on my body, and in hindsight I almost wish I hadn't done it so much (I missed a ton of games due to injury in the latter half, go figure... patellar tendonitis due to overuse).

Anyways, I don't think it would hurt you too much, especially if you're doing it in the morning and playing at night. Just don't try increasing your max squat by 10% on gameday, or you won't have any legs for the game. The pros usually go for a morning skate on game day... although not being a pro I have no idea how intense that is.

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