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10-06-2003, 06:10 AM
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Originally Posted by hackey
No one cares if you live in a fish bowl man. To these guys and everyone else involved in hockey at the professional level, Hockey is thier damn life. Let me repeat - this is their damn life. Anything and everything that happens this year, as unimportant as your little post here to a death of one of thier own is fuc*en life. They live and breath it everyday.
If the CBA does not get done, it is affecting thier livelihood. This is what they do in life. Thier life profession. So get a grip if you think this death of a young man doesn't tie into the bigger picture.
No. You're overgeneralizing here. Hockey is NOT their life. It is merely a large part of it. Hockey players are people like any others... If they don't have hockey to turn to for financial support, they'll make do somewhere else. Being with their families, friends... taking care of their children. THAT IS LIFE.

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