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10-06-2003, 06:14 AM
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Originally Posted by Newsguyone
Ken Holland needs to recitify the Cujo situation right away. But he also doesn't want to get ripped off. Holland has been pretty good with free agent signings, but his trading record leaves a lot to be desired. He's also had bad luck with excess goalies, getting nothing for Osgood two years ago.

I think a B- is to high. Honestly i'd give him a D. His mistakes have been covered with a big payroll. And i dont think Ken Holland is the reason FA's are coming to Detroit.
Hasek demanded a trade to Detroit.
3 players deffered money to sign Hull. If that wouldn't have happened, Hull would not be a Detroit Red Wing
Hull, Chelios and others talked to Hatcher about coming to Detroit.
Overpaid for Cujo in money and years. when players like Hull, Yzerman and Chelios were asking for Belfour
He has overpaid in every single trade he has every made. He trades for a guy in Woolley who he could have grabbed off waivers for free.
He overpaided for Chris Chelios. Who has had only has had one good season in Detroit. The only reason it looks like a good deal because the BlackHawks wasted those two 1st round picks.
Didn't trade Osgood when he had a deal in place with the Rangers. Fought with Sather over money
Didn't resign Lariniov, then traded back for him.
Lets Doug Brown go in the expansion draft, traded back for him (4th rounder)
Uwe Krupp, when you sign a free agent with back and knee problems, you put an insurance policy on the contract.
You do not give Steve Duchense a no-trade clause
Look at the Wings drafting record. Two 1st round picks in the last six years. Most of the prospects the Wings have now are what would have been considered sleeper. Thet credit goes to the European scouting.
Trades a 1st (2003) and 2nd (2004) Sean Avery and Maxim Kuznetsov for Mathieu Scheinder. IMO Avery and Kuznetsov wasn't a big loss, but losing a 1st rounder in a deep draft was horrible
Now the Wings are forced to trade draft picks because they are short on prospects. But now they are short on prospects becuase they are always trading draft picks.
I wont hold the Fedorov thing against him. Both parties share the blame in that matter.

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