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10-06-2003, 06:27 AM
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Wonderful post, very down to earth and makes me even more informed about them. However, grading the Wings D an A+ is far from accurate, despite that I feel their D ranks first in the NHL (on paper, I betcha with the Wings game plan they won't even end up in the top 5 in goals allowed), but an A+ means a perfect Defense, more perfect then perfect could ever be. Yet it has his questionmarks, and as everyone's, has his lacks.

- Derian Hatcher, my man, kinda overachieved last season, could he rebound and play 2nd fiddle again? Though a very luxe questionmark to have.

- Chris Chelios, he's slowly fading away, declining step by step, at this point, I feel he's a decent #3.

- Niklas Lidstrom, ... hmm.. uuuh.. well.. meh!

- Jiri Fisher, he got injured during a very important stage of his career, can he rebound from that serious injury and will it leave his marks? Can he continue his progression or did it block his upside?

- Mattiue Schneider, kinda looked out of place during his stay with the Wings since he was their #3, with Hatcher added, I doubt Schneider 's play would improve.

Then my general point, every team that had amazing defensive depth during the last few seasons had at least one individual victim who experienced a sub-par season. It's simply impossible to satisfie 3, maybe 4 first pairing defensemen with the proper icetime they desite to succeed and to make themself feel comfortable. The Devils experienced so with Tverdovski, the Stars did so with Hatcher (in 2002), Matvichuk and Sydor, the Avs had some with Skoula and I'm sure there are more. It will be interesting to see how things work out. But despite that the Wings have the league's best defense group, it's far from a perfect defense with no holes like you claim (A+ indicates that).

That's my only real point that got my attention, but in order to grade one team's an A+, it needs 6 #1's, all playing in their prime.

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