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11-06-2010, 07:52 AM
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St Thomas Tommies Issues, will be addressed and a thing of the past by Next Season when they move into the Grant Harvey Center. Mike Eagles will continue to be the coach, but they are changing how they do things behind the scenes as of right now with recruiting. While its possible you may see a new player in Tommies colors after christmas, your more likely to see the team with a new Look Starting in the 2011 season. I can almost guarentee you will start to see stronger recruits by next season, big names and the biggest goal is to strengthing the D for sure. It won't be Eagles to single handidly recruit over a telephone line anymore, cause Mike would be the first one to admit (not in the media) that he has not been too succesful their. Their is a really good Network of Recruiters being pieced together for STU right now, with heavy ties to the OHL etc

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