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11-06-2010, 11:58 AM
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One thing Flyers have to keep a steady eye on is Prong's and Timo's age .. and also Timo's hi salary for 2 years.

Does anyone think Timo will be re-upped in 2 years at the same salary? No, dont think so.

Does anyone think Prongs will be as good as he is in 2 years? Hardly.

So in two years Flyers will need to bring in two really good Dmen to replace Timo and supplement a deteriorating Prongs.

There are 2 ways they can do this:

1. Spend Timo's salary and try to grab a star Dman if available at the time, OR

2. Train and coach and improve all of Carle, Mesz, and Coburn for two years ...and see if they can improve by then to the point where they can collectively or individually replace Timo and supplement a deteriorated Pronger.

IMHO, i think Step 2 is better than bringing in a brand new star Dman and seeing if he meshes etc. Leafs experience with Phaneuf and Komi, and even Flames experience with JBo shows that good star Dmen on one team often deteriorate on another.

I think if Flyers can keep all three of Carle Mesz and Coburn for 2 years and then make decisions ... that would be a good long term defense strategy.

Am i wrong or off base here?

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