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11-06-2010, 11:06 AM
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Originally Posted by natey2k4 View Post
This and has always been the case when Halak does better than Price.

People who state that Halak is playing well, are usually just defending him rather than attacking Price (hence the poster above your last post). But always get the "the team tries harder for Halak", "Halak faces easier shots", "Halak faces easier teams". And the excuses are plentiful. I remember last year when people stated that Halak was a mediocre goalie when he didn't see a lot of action in a game and now it's that he's only good because he doesn't see a lot of action.

Anyway, Price is playing very well. And yes, he's not been as good as Halak overall, but he's played well enough that the trade doesn't sting at this moment. He's been a top goalie in the league to this point, and that's what we need him to be. He definitely needed to be better, and he bounced back huge last game. He's already over halfway to his wins total from last year. Amazing.

The idea that St. Louis has suddenly become a defensive powerhouse just at the exact moment they traded for Halak is pretty funny actually. Halak's been godlike so far this season, give him the credit he deserves, but I agree completely that Price has been more than good enough. They're both starting goalies with the potential to be elite in the NHL. We had to pick one, and live with the strong likelihood that whichever one we gave away would turn out to be a star. The important issue is what happens to the one we've kept and so far I have no complaints about Price whatsoever.

The context of the Halak trade for me is the fact that, with the singular exception of JFJ's Toronto reign of terror, NOBODY in the league has been able to get a big return for a goalie. Brian Burke couln't get anything for Bryzgalov. Luongo, even pretty much established as a future goalie for Team Canada, was traded for a broken-down, scandal-plagued Tod Bertuzzi. Huet was worth 5 million plus as a UFA but had only fetched a mid-low 2nd rounder a few months earlier. I hear Pierre McGuire boast about how he'd have gotten T.J. Oshie and wonder, where's the example of that trade happening in the NHL in the last decade? Even the Toskala fiasco in the end basically netted a mid-first-round pick, and it sticks out like a gleaming beacon of over-payment.

Goalies have extremely limited trade value in the NHL. I don't know why, but that seems to be an inarguable fact.

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