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11-06-2010, 11:57 AM
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Originally Posted by natey2k4 View Post
This and has always been the case when Halak does better than Price.

People who state that Halak is playing well, are usually just defending him rather than attacking Price (hence the poster above your last post),
I think where people get annoyed, at least for me, is that pretty much one out of every two thread ends up being about Halak/Price. When people keep talking about Halak, it's kind of obvious that Price supporters will try to downgrade Halak and upgrade Price.

What annoys me is that we're still talking about Halak on a daily basis. It just never ends.

Btw, I couldn't care less who we kept. Both are #1s in the league, both are great. Halak proved he could step up in POs but he showed signs of fatigue and his God mode ended in Philly. How would he fair off from playing 60-70 Games in a tough NHL schedule and then PO?..That's still a question, but I would have had no problem sticking with him to find out.
Price was good, he's also been great, we've seen flashes of brilliance. The kid is still very young and had more to prove than Halak. But he would cost less and we were in a tight situation where every dollar counted. Not surprised we ended up with Price, it was actually pretty foreseeable.

Both are having great starts, Halak a better one. Still, it's very early.

Originally Posted by Bullsmith View Post
The idea that St. Louis has suddenly become a defensive powerhouse just at the exact moment they traded for Halak is pretty funny actually.
St-Louis actually allowed the same number of goals as we did, last year.
That being said, I don't think there's a question which D corps would prefer to have.
I love Markov and Subban, but when you look at Hammer-Spacek-Gill...Ouch.
They have a much better balanced Dcorps. Only Brewer is over 30 (31 actually), the rest is 20-22-24-27-29.
St-Louis this year also happens to be the team facing the less shots in the NHL. Halak is facing 5-6 shots less per game compared to last year. You can always look at the scoring chances, but there's little doubt in my mind that he's not facing as many either.

So it is true, Halak is better surrounded. I don't think he would be 7-1-1 with 1.53 and .940% if he were with us. But in no way am I taking anything away from him. He's been magnificent.

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