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11-06-2010, 12:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
St-Louis this year also happens to be the team facing the less shots in the NHL. Halak is facing 5-6 shots less per game compared to last year. You can always look at the scoring chances, but there's little doubt in my mind that he's not facing as many either.

So it is true, Halak is better surrounded. I don't think he would be 7-1-1 with 1.53 and .940% if he were with us. But in no way am I taking anything away from him. He's been magnificent.
Kriss, I agree with what you've said. I think Blues fans would agree as are 4 seperate quotes from 4 different blues fans.

Originally Posted by Guy Legend View Post
Halak has been great. No surprise as everyone knew he's going to be a very good goalie. But he hasn't been carrying the Blues. Watch the Blues and you'll see they carry the play on most occasions against the competition.
Originally Posted by Zundo View Post
He hasn't faced many shots at all and most have been easy to control. He does make big saves when needed, but its not like he is getting a heavy workload. He, in my opinion, is not playing phenomenal yet, rather he his just making the saves he needs to. Its not like he is stealing many games.
Originally Posted by PietroOshieLo View Post
Halak of course has been an essential part of the Blues season so far and there is no doubt that trading for him was the right decision.

But people don't focus on the actual St. Louis Blues players that have also really contributed this year. Jackman and Brewer, for all they are given by some of the more judging fans, have played excellently, as have our shutdown line of Jay McClement, Alex Steen, and Matt D'Agostini. Alex Pietrangelo has been an absolutely pleasant surprise so far as has players like Patrik Berglund, who was mostly atrocious last year, is now a dominating force in the offensive zone.
Originally Posted by frivolousz21 View Post
To be fair the blues are number one in Shots against per game. and number two in shots for per game.

that is pretty sick. 5 on 5 no one outside of Nashville has played even with the blues..

while Halak has been steady and made some great saves the blues area one of the most solid teams top to bottom in the league.

even with Jackman out now we have another high end young guy in Ian Cole who played great in camp just more speed and offense on the blue line.

However Jax is the last top 6 dman we can afford to lose.

The blues are also number 2 in the 5-5 F/A stat this season right behind Boston.

If the blues stay anywhere near that for the season Halak will end up with huge numbers.
What irks me is that Price came into this season with more pressure than any player in the national hockey league. He was booed in his first pre-season game. People have been criticizing somtimes for stuff beyond his control. He's stepped up answered everyone thus far and you know what...Halak is still getting more credit than him despite player for a completely different but much better team. That's what pisses me off.

It's like everyone is just waiting for Price to falter so that they can come in and say I told you so. Like Earl does, he disappears every 5-6 games and then posts when either, Price loses or Halak gets a shutout. It's just extremely sad to see IMO.

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