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Originally Posted by wolfgaze View Post
Who were his linemates on the 3rd line in Buffalo???? I can't recall him centering their 3rd line....
I'm still not sure why this has to be explained 35 times a season, every season, since he's been here (this isn't a shot at you wolfgze, just my general frustration regarding this topic), but if my analysis isn't enough, perhaps the words of Buffalo Sabres fans will do the trick. Not to toot my own horn too much, but despite the fact that Chris Drury is one of my favorite players of all-time, I have been using pretty much the same rationale as you'll see below since before the Rangers ever signed Dru to try and point out what a horrendous idea it would be to pay $7 million per season to a third-line center with a good shot; how anyone that could possibly consider such a decision must be completely out of touch with the sport and the league. But then again, I said the same, prior to it actually happening, about someone willing to give even more money and years to Scott Gomez, one of the most overrated and inefficient players of the last quarter-century. But I digress...

Some highlights:

Originally Posted by Husko View Post
In 06 Drury played with Grier the entire year. The other wing alternated, but I think was most often Kotalik. Pominville also saw time there. In the postseason Roy joined the line to create a very formidable shutdown line.

In 07 he played with most everyone. Kotalik was the primary player, I think. Gaustad saw time with him as well. The top two lines were Hecht-Briere-Pominville and Vanek-Roy-Max. Everyone else saw at least some time with Drury.
Originally Posted by jflory81 View Post
While Mike Grier was here, the two seemed to be seperated on the hip, while the 3rd winger tended to vary month to month. In 06/07, he played mostly with Kotalik-Zubrus after the trade deadline, and he played a lot with Novotny instead of Zubrus beforehand. Both seasons his line was more of a defensive line compared with the Briere line and the Vanek-Roy-Afinogenov/Stafford line.

He scored most of his goals on rebounds all around the net. He doesn't generally play very well with playmakers or scorers, because he himself is not the world's greatest passer nor does he have exceptional vision.

On the power play, he was a staple as center on the first unit
....although to be honest aside from Briere at LW I can't remember who else was on that unit. Drury would also try his patented bad-angle top glove hand shot often on the PP. He'd get a couple of goals like that, but overall it just drove me crazy.

As for wanting him to get back to his pace in Buffalo...if you're talking about his 06/07 season, don't count on it. Not only was that team insanely talented, but much like Paille last season, Drury scored a lot of weird/fluky goals that season which helps result in his career year. He can play better than he is right now, for sure, but his 07/08 season with the Rangers should be considered his "normal" season.
Originally Posted by CaptPantalones View Post
You will never get Drury to score like he did here. Here, he was surrounded by talent and often overlooked and severely benefited from the system.

anywhere else his ceiling is 25 IMO
Originally Posted by Chainshot View Post
Grier in the offensive zone meshed with Drury in that they both played a low cycle game. Chip it in the corner, work it to the open man, rinse, repeat. They're even strength production was limited. Zubrus was brought in and put on Drury's wing after the deadline the following season, but in his time in Buffalo he had a variety of wingers including Roy, Kotalik, Gaustad, Pominville, Hecht, Paille, Vanek (he started '06 with Drury and Grier) and even a few shifts of Briere on LW.

As was pointed out, his primary production came on the powerplay where they had very productive pointmen in Campbell, Pominville, Kotalik, and in '06 Teppo as well as a point-per-game low hub in Briere. Others on that unit included Hecht as the low-screen/puck-digger and later Zubrus.

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