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Warning: long post. (but there are pictures!)

After hearing the new update and seeing this thread again I decided to make another concept just for fun.

Now my previous ones made a conscious effort to eschew black and go for that old-school look that apparently the Stars are after as well. But there's nothing inherent wrong with black -- it just needs to be used for a purpose. "Because it looks intimidating" is not a good reason. I continue to refuse to believe anyone has ever been intimidated by fabric.

Now here comes something close to sacrilege: The people behind the Mooterus were actually on the right track!
Their concept was sound, it's just that their execution was.... unfortunate (to say the least).

What would a jersey look like that was unapologetically modern and picked up on the idea of the constellations? What if it tied into the history of the franchise and the city it plays in, rather than a recycled stereotype conceived from a thousand miles away?

The following were some of my influences:

Still with me, or have you recoiled in horror yet?

2 of those 3 are bad, bad uniforms, there's no doubt about that. But they do have some interesting elements:

- the concept of a horizon along the hem of the Phoenix jersey
- the (extremely) stylized skyline of Denver
- the Swedish hockey federation patch on the left breast, much akin to a soccer-style design

And then this:

Confused? Well first of all, yes, that's a toddler sized jersey. That's not the point. For whatever reason the sublimated graphics that Nike included on their recent Olympic sweaters show up better in this. You can see them running down the sleeves. To the naked eye they were very difficult to pick up from a distance and on TV, yet they were still there.

That got me thinking: what if you could embed a "secret" pattern into a jersey through modern printing techniques?

Alternate jerseys are pretty much always worn at home. They're intended for the home crowd. Why not use that to your advantage?

You know how many arenas have spotlights they immediately shine on their players after a goal is scored? Well what if there was a special kind of light that could be directed on the players at certain times, that would also have the effect of picking up a hidden pattern on their jerseys?

So 99% of the time, you could have a jersey that looked like this to those in attendance and at home:

And then when Ribeiro sends a beautiful cross-ice pass to a wide open Morrow who puts it home and the horn goes off and the lights come on and the fans cheer... you would have this:

The stars are revealed. Reunion tower lights up!

Now, why those constellations? I decided to find out exactly what the night sky looks like in early October, at this latitude, at around 7:30 in the evening. In other words, opening night of hockey season.

And which direction would we face for the front of the jersey? North, of course. Polaris, the North Star, is the one right there front and center (in the classic Stars shape, rather than a circle like the others) directly above the Bank of America Plaza building, which is probably Dallas' most recognizable building with its bright green argon outlining which can be seen from miles and miles away. On the far right along the hem is the I.M. Pei designed Fountain Place, the optical illusion skyscraper. Their orientation corresponds to how the 3 buildings would appear viewed from the south going from left to right. I feel they represent Dallas pretty well. If you squint, you can even imagine the buildings representing an arrow pointing up to the North Star like Minnesota's old crest. I almost included the currently under-construction Margaret Hunt Hill bridge and even completed the illustration for it, but I figured it might be confusing to people outside of the city and they might mistake the arch for St. Louis or something.

The other relevant constellations are Pegasus, the real symbol of Dallas, splayed out along the left sleeve (to your right looking at it) and Hercules, the symbol of strength, on the opposite sleeve. The position of Vega, one of the brightest stars in the northern sky, also coincided perfectly with the star inside the circular Texas patch which I lifted from my previous dark green 3rd jersey concept and used in the same fashion as the Team Sweden shirts so there could still be a logo on the front even when it isn't "lit up".

Then on the backs of these you've got the southern sky since you're facing the other direction. I also shamelessly ripped off the Flyers-style solid color nameplates since I find them pretty cool and it gave me a way to show the constellation outlines through the player's name.

I scanned in an adjustable star chart I used as a reference so you can see which constellation is which and that things are generally astronomically accurate. I tried to keep the magnitudes more or less correct as well for the individual sizes of the stars.

The best part? No Taurus to be found. (it doesn't rise until the early morning hours)

Northern sky (front of jersey)

Southern sky (back of jersey)

And then just for the sake of completing the suite I'm going to post all 4 in succession... since this post is already absurdly long.

edit: Whoops, almost forgot to add that my biggest influence were those awesome stencil-on painted stars that I had on my bedroom ceiling as a kid. They'd absorb light during the day and then glow in the dark at night. So cool. Or nerdy. Either one.

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