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11-06-2010, 05:01 PM
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Lack of recruiting network is NOT the issue!

Originally Posted by cishockeyfan View Post
St Thomas Tommies Issues, will be addressed and a thing of the past by Next Season when they move into the Grant Harvey Center. Mike Eagles will continue to be the coach, but they are changing how they do things behind the scenes as of right now with recruiting. While its possible you may see a new player in Tommies colors after christmas, your more likely to see the team with a new Look Starting in the 2011 season. I can almost guarentee you will start to see stronger recruits by next season, big names and the biggest goal is to strengthing the D for sure. It won't be Eagles to single handidly recruit over a telephone line anymore, cause Mike would be the first one to admit (not in the media) that he has not been too succesful their. Their is a really good Network of Recruiters being pieced together for STU right now, with heavy ties to the OHL etc
The issue is having a" control freak "at the helm of the hockey program with whatever personality flaws who trusts NOBODY'S opinions on most issues and in the last 2 years rejected scouting reports on about 88 candidates who are starring at universities elsewhere.
A network of recruiting experts have been available to Eagles who has for 9 years continued to rely only on his" flawed evaluations" and REJECTED those who would have been dutifully scouting candidates only to have them rejested by Eagles.

A network has & did exist until recently when those who could help have finally given up on Eagles stubborn,unsuccessful pursuit of approproate student athletes.

It is NOT that there hasn't been appropriate identification of appropriate candidates by these birddogs,it is that Eagles refuses to close the appropriate dealsand allow someone who can close those deals.

Recruitng by phone?......HELLO!

His lack of communication style is notorously known by EVERYBODY in Fredericton and the continuation of this leadership by this undereducated,untrained administrater only begs for continued problems.HE IS WAY IN OVER HIS HEAD! in a word DISASTER.

There are well placed FORMER tommies placed in the hockey world who have offered their services pro-bono ,the problem is that Eagles will not nor does he have the skill to bring these people back into the fold as he continues his one man show.

I believe that he believes that he does not need anybody and it is shameful that such a flawed individual has been put in such an important position with-in St.Thomas.

He is untrained,uneducated and unsuitable to be allowed to continue and should have nothing to do with perpetuating his style of leadership nor rebuilding this once proud team to respectability and prominence.A search such as is underway for a New President should be underetaken for a QUALIFIED Athletic Director and for a new men's hockey coach who can navigate the program back to prominance both academically and athletically.

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