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10-06-2003, 06:56 AM
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Compared to some other teams are Yotes mgt. and coaches a step behind the play?

A boring day at work and I started to think of how I could start a positive thread on the Coyotes, unfortunately, after thinking about the new arena, our prospects tourney win and the great new uni's I was left with the same old questions about this organization. I have this gut feeling that mgt. and or the coaches are a step behind in their way of thinking vs. many other organizations in the league. All summer we have discussed how much more depth there is up front, how much depth we will have in young prospects, how BF wants to play an up tempo style of hockey which he later conrtradicted himself to say he wants to be a big physical defensively responsible team.

Teams that are on the rise in the NHL and/or compete for the Cup every year do have things in common. The Yotes IMHO do not and are underskilled, oversized, slow compared to many other teams that are improving their clubs and I don't just mean skating speed slow. Sure we have some decent skaters but I'm talking about the intelligence level and ability of this team to think and react quickly on the ice. I think we have the weakest blueline in the Western Conference. I think building a big tough physical team like the Yotes are attempting to do is about 5 years too late and a step behind. I'm all for size if the player plays big, is quick and has decent skills but many or Yotes are clones of each other. The game has evolved over the last 5 years, rules are being enforced better than they were. Ice conditions are improving thoughout the league. Better sticks and equipment etc. Successful teams today seem to build around smarts, skill, grit and quickness. They don't get hung up on size all the time. They add solid systems that alllow for creative play but demand attention to detail on special teams and in their defensive schemes. We scored 11 goals in 7 x-games, gave up 21, had less than 20 shots in many of these games, lost 5 of them, our D had 1 goal which was a fluke goal by Spiller our only goal by a prospect and overall not a lot to be encouraged about other than I think we had a pretty good draft this past year considering we didn't have any high picks. Next year we do have some high picks but it's projected to be the worst draft year in years, just our luck.

I apologize for pointing out the obvious once again but that optimism I was starting to buy into late in the summer is wavering once again. Is a new coach with a fresh outlook the answer? To be honest I'm not sure how about the rest of you?

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