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05-19-2005, 01:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Ogopogo
Yes. Being the BEST once is better than being in the top 20 your whole career.
Ogo, I think you're reaching a bit on this one. Maybe if St.Louis puts about a few more top 5's, he passes Lafontaine but he doesn't imo, simply for his last season [last 2 actually]. I think using 'dominant' to desribe Pat L. is also a reach and yes I saw him play, in fact I saw him in Jr. on a line with Gerard Gallant and the immortal Jean Maurice Cool. To digress even further, I brought my Dad to see him him play a Jr. game and Trios Rivieres was using a guy to not only follow him around, but hack and slash at him with no regard for the play around him. I remember the old man saying 'just watch, guys like that,with nothing to offer the game are going to ruin it'. Mcphee Sr., a prophet.

Back to the point, I would put them both in. Forsberg because of his accomplishments, Lindros because, at his best, healthy, he was dominant. Teams played Philly fearing him. He changed the way teams built themselves and the way power players played. It's become fashionable to ignore him because it was easy to dislike the whole clan, but you can't take those 6 or 7 great years away.

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