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Originally Posted by Ogopogo
A GM is putting together pieces to make a winning team. He is not trying to determine the greatest players of all time. I am interested in comparing the greatest players ever.

No, I don't consider Ripken's game streak nearly as impressive as most others do.

I go inside the stats and facts to determine what they really mean. For example: Is Mark Messier the second greatest scorer of all time? I am a HUGE Oilers fan but the truth is NO. Messier is in the top 60 he is definitely not #2. His longevity has allowed him to pile up a lot of "empty" points. Messier's last 10 seasons have done nothing to add to his greatness. He is one of the all time greats (Top 25 greatest of all time) but, he stopped adding to his ratings on my system in the mid 90s.
Messier is a perfect example of a player whose contribution goes far beyond the #'s, which you already know. You make me think of Jacques Lemaire's early years. He was hyped a 'next big thing'. Not to the degree Cournoyer was, but he came to the team with expectations. He developed nicely but save for one year, 72-73, he never became a 'go to' guy. I think he didn't quite have the personality to be the star and accept what came with it. A few years later, he transformed into a technically perfect,imo, 2 way player. I think he contributed more than he would have if he was scoring 50. Changing his game, imo made him a better player, but would cost him in your rankings. All that being said, I thought you meant, originally that St.Louis would be the superior player if he continued at his present pace.

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