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05-19-2005, 02:43 PM
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Originally Posted by PepNCheese
The important thing here isn't entirely Crosby and the slim chance the good teams have of getting him. What this does is provide a much better chance of the good teams moving up and getting a higher pick than they would normally get.

That is significant because there's a decent chance that some poor teams will pick low in the first round, and they will be pissed off. You can't make everybody happy, and this is clearly a bone thrown to the rich markets for having to spend a lot more to stay at the top of the pay scale, and share revenues.

The interesting thing is that JFJ clearly knew he would be getting a shot at Crosby well in advance(the "we've got our lottery ticket" interview from a while back).

I'm hoping for a top 10 pick. We have a far better chance of that happening than drafting Sid, and that is a significant opportunity for the Leafs if the pingpong balls bounce the right way for us.

We "should" be picking between 24 and 30 as we've been a strong team. You'd think the odds are decent for us to move up from that position. We'd have to be pretty unlucky to stay at the bottom when so many teams have one ball.

Ideal draft:

1 Leafs
28 Vancouver
29 Ottawa
30 Montreal

Why have Van, Ott and Mon so far back... we're all Canadian... um no, there the same. lol

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