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11-06-2010, 08:54 PM
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Originally Posted by ELab2 View Post
Could you cite some examples? It's been my belief that you either have it or you don't. To be a true power forward takes a desire to put a hurting on the other team, the desire to want to put guys through the boards, and pound defenders in front of the net. And I haven't seen many large players come into this league as pure skill guys, to whom physicality was an after thought, and develop the mean streak required to be a powerforward.
Depends on your definition of a power forward. In today's NHL, power forwards aren't what they were in the old days, agreed? If you're going by what a power forward was 15-20 years ago, then simply put, there are no more power forwards.

How long did it take Todd Bertuzzi to "get it"? How long did it take John LeClaire to "get it"? What about Franzen?

Is JVR ever going to be the physical force that Cam Neely was (THAT'S a true power forward)? Of course not. Will he ever be an elite "power forward" in most peoples' eyes (Is Jarome Iginla still an elite PF?)? Probably not. But as he gets older, he will learn to use his body more, and learn where to go (and when to go there) to score goals...and he will learn to arrive at these areas in ill humor (for goodness sakes, he's still a freakin' kid).

JVR isn't ever going to be the kind of player that, say, Chris Stewart is right now, as far as physicality. Anyone expecting something like that is going to be greatly disappointed.

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