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10-06-2003, 07:22 AM
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What have we lost from last year's roster?
Jeff Hackett, Gilmour, Petrov, Czerkawsky, Odjick and McKay.

I don't want any of those back with the CH. Except maybe, I say maybe: Oleg Petrov. He is doing fine in Geneva, the fans there loves him, he's a superstar in this euro league. Stay there Oleg, it's better for you ... and us.

What have we more than last year?
Sunsdtrom, Garon, Ryder, Dwyer, Bégin, Langdon, Ward, Komisarek.
We can add Ribeiro and Hossa who will both have more ice time.

So the team compare to last year is not worse, not really better. Still waiting to have talented prospects (adapted to AHL/NHL) joining the big team (Perezhogin, Higgins and Kastsitsyn)

In defence this is where we have improved the most. because Souray is totally recoved from injury and he has played very well in pre-season games. Dikhuis and Traverse are gone, this will hepl a lot. Souray and Bouillon are much better at left D, thanks Habs management to solidify that weakness. In general, the D is not that strong but not that weak also. It is one of the most reliable of the league (I'll say about top 12th of the league).

In the goals we are kindda strong too. Theodore can prove he is still brillant, and Garon is obviously a solid 2nd goalie.

But the problem now is that the team will not score many goals. On the good side, we are stronger among the boards and corners than last year. We still miss NHL proven scorers. The only interrogation point in scoring is the Ribeiro-Hossa pair. If these 2 are clicking together, we may have interresting surprises.

And don't forget Ryder. He may have some tricks in his pocket.

Just an optimistic post.

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