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Originally Posted by Ranger de FLA View Post
Hockey is more popular in New York than Philly or Boston, in my opinion. Like you said, we have three teams. There's obviously a demand for them.
Agreed. Bottom line, NY is NO LESS a hockey town than our two other Northeast cities, Philly or Boston.
(I do not consider Buffalo a northeast city, I consider Buffalo more the midwest/interior Northeast/ext of Canada).

Originally Posted by NYRangers88 View Post
Wait a second, the Islanders and Devils hardly bring anyone to MSG first of all...nothing compared to what we draw at their places. The only obnoxious fans that come are Philly (the whole city is trash btw) and Montreal (rude canadians, disrespect us and our country--very sad, actually). Other than that, there are very few road fans at MSG. Pittsburgh over the past year has brought nothing, and the blackhawks fans that were here last game were as quiet as a mouse.
Dude, the Isles and Devils both bring a lot of fans to MSG. Nothing like we do at their rink, but still, enough to be annoying.
The Nets at Knicks? Hahaha, you might get 5 Nets fans.
That's what annoys me about Knick fans, they have had it so easy in not having to deal with local competition.
And last was obvious the Blackhawks fans were in full force.

Originally Posted by BroadwayBlues View Post
The Knicks have a lot of fans on the road too. Good road following. Even in LA.

Lots of Laker fans in NY. Lebron fans and to some extent Celtic fans at MSG. Outside of them no NBA team fans travel well... throw the Knicks in with those teams that travel well.

I can't believe Knick fans got accused of rooting for the Lakers and chanting "MVP" to Kobe a couple of years ago. It was pretty obvious to me those were LAKER fans not Knick fans.
Knicks have ZERO road presence, or at least not in the same ballpark as the Rangers.
Not even close.

We all know that us Ranger fans who go to MSG have to deal with:
-Isles, Devils, Flyers, Habs, Leafs, Wings, Sabres, Blackhawks, Pens, and maybe a few Caps and Bruins fans.

Who do Knicks fans have to deal with at MSG?
Just the Celtics and Lakers?
And even then, do Celtics and Lakers fans come out in full force like Habs or Wings or Red Sox fans do in NY?

Originally Posted by NYRangers88 View Post
I just want to clarify, the three NY hockey teams are NYR, NYI and BUF. I hate when some people consider the Devils a New York hockey team---they are not and never will be. I can't stand that state ....just the fact they own the statue of liberty makes me sick.
NY tri-state area...NJ counts.

Originally Posted by ryan18nyr View Post
Flyers are prob. more popular then the Sixers in Philly.
True, but basketball is more popular as a sport in Philly.
The big 5+Sixers.

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