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11-07-2010, 12:13 AM
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Originally Posted by RNiner View Post
You are using one metric, shots taken, to decide on the entire contribution of the player.
No... I'm using shots taken to explain that his lack of scoring is a factor of random chance. Shots convert to goals at a fairly constant rate over a player's career; variations up or down happen, but are usually the result of luck (or goaltending if you want to call it that). Invariably, a guy who shoots a lot will resume scoring sooner or later.

But I can't help but think that your vision of his total contribution is colored by the fact that he's not scoring. It's a typical human reaction -- Cammy's not scoring so he must be taking lower-quality shots, not getting open in the slot, etc... He's playing like he always is -- he's just not getting the puck in. He'll get better. He'll probably have a few high-scoring flurries during the year, too.

Originally Posted by Darth Joker View Post
However, putting that aside, I don't know why you're defending Gomez so much.
Because he's not playing nearly as badly as people seem to think. Gionta's getting four shots a game playing with Gomez and a succession of crapy wingers and a like number of scoring chances. Gomez isn't a stranger to that fact. But Gionta is snakebitten, which means no assists for Gomez.

If he was putting up points, no one would complain about his work ethic or his tactics. Usually, they work well.

He is not, however, shooting as much as he usually does. He's usually a very shot-happy forward. Since he's a crappy shooter, I'm not sure reining in his shooting is all bad, but a few more wouldn't hurt.

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