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10-06-2003, 07:31 AM
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Originally Posted by wasting time
Plus, he was a lower draft pick - which has those political implications.

My theory is that Coli is considered the future key guy, the Leafs know they are very deep on D prospects, and Kondriatev is being featured as part of a package for a top 4 guy now. If they sent him back to Russia he offers much less value in trade fodder.

I have to admit - Bell being sent down in the first cuts was also pretty strange for me. Do you think Bell was being sandbagged to feature Kondriatev? Did you know that of all the prospects entering camp Barry Trapp said that Bell had the greatest liklihood of making the team? how did his stock fall so far after only 1 game in Sweden? He was the CHL Defenman of the year, and had a better year than did Coli (albeit Coli was slightly injured).

Things that make you go hmmmm....
I agree everything you've said.

I also questioned whether Kondratiev was being showcased- maybe part of a package to get a top four guy.

That would explain why he made this team, his value will increase dramatically if he puts in a good month or two in the NHL.

I agree with you regarding Bell as well. He played fairly well when he played, but he wasn't given a chance to make this team. I think your "sandbagged" theory might be an accurate assumption.

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