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11-07-2010, 12:57 AM
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Where was Barry at fault on this?

He reported what he had heard and gave an opinion, I think that some of us hold the media sources who report rumors to some weird level of accountability when all they are doing is reporting what they are told. I mean, I don't see Barry or most of them as far as that goes saying that they are the GM of a team and that when they say that they have heard something or that they believe that something is going to happen that it is written in stone or that they have the ability to actually make it happen.

Eklund in my opinion is slightly more accountable because of his rating system but in the end all he is doing is passing along rumors.

I mean, they are rumors right? Nobody is calling them done deals, are they?

Barry hears things and while your opinion is just as right or wrong as any others mine is that he has contact with people in and around the Kings (and the NHL because nothing happens in a vacuum) and when he hears something he reports it.

There are allot of people who post here who are connected to people players mgmt in the NHL and its affiliate league's and allot of what Barry reports are things that they (we) hear too.

I am not saying that Barry or anyone else is a swami or anything and hey if it gets you happy to bag on them then that is part of the entertainment too I suppose but in the end, they are just messengers. So what difference does it make. I respect allot of them in the same way I do allot of the people who post here, sometimes brilliant and sometimes a little off.

Isn't that the way that it is supposed to be? I mean I know to each their own but I would rather hear the rumors than not.

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