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11-07-2010, 01:43 AM
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Inadequate recruiting +lack of retention= the present situation!

Originally Posted by SnipeShow91 View Post
i totally agree....i miss the Theriault and Mahon battles. Nothing better than getting on Craig Mahon. We have pesky guys in Reich and Dulle, but they havent done enough to get the UNB fans to hate on them as much as they HATED Theriault. Sands (who i know personally since were both Kingston guys) was a phenominal talent. I remember the battles him and Marc Savard from the Bruins used to have in the OHL. Now Savvy is in Boston and Sands is a real estate agent. A recruting network is just what the school needs. Mike cant do it all himself. If we get the recruiting thing, it helps long term. There is no way Dal can get quality guys being in the basement for 6 years and the Tommies cant. Its up to everyone on this team to step up and play well because guys want to join winning teams in their possible last years of hockey, not on bad teams.

And rantfather, no one is listening to you anyways
The record speaks for itself Snipeshow 91,and if you ere capable of making an objective observation it should be clear to you.

Eagles "MIGHT" be a good coach but his lack of appropriate education,training and experience leaves him unprepared to deal ith the added responsabilities of A/D nor should it have been expected that he should;his appointment was a poor choice and his problems as the coach have continued to mount.

Last years aquisition of Mathieu Melanson has resulted in just about a big NOTHING and he was mysteriously absent from this weekends line-up with the always mysterious "upper body injury" ie head case,and since Dietrich was invited NOT to return the last years Wild West line is minus a BIG piece.........and his replacement hasn't been found..

A couple of other lines have emerged ie Labonte being back with Eagles and Cameron;Banfield,Cassidy and Gallant being another but Jordan Scott doesent belong in the line-up and took too many inopportune penalties this weekend.

Untimely injuries have wreaked the "D" but no depth to ride this one out.

There is goaltending when it's present and accounted for but 9 years of mostly inadequate recruiting and retention cannot be overcome overnight and Eagles has demonstrated for too long his inability to rectify this situation.

So to anybody who might be listening,it is time to "rectify" and move the program on .

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