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11-07-2010, 07:38 AM
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Originally Posted by SnipeShow91 View Post
Rantfather no one is listening to you anyways
I'm listening and the word is sinking in a little more every time.

Snipeshow ignore everyone else on this board for a while and read only the Tommies fans posts. There is something wrong. The non-Tommies fans have no vested interest in STU doing well, if I were them I would want the status quo as well. Easier time for them to recruit good players and a good shot at picking up 8 points over the course of the season. Everything looks great at STU for them. Take Timbit for example, no wonder he would want Eagles to stay, his team has to compete against Dalhousie for players now, do you think for one minute he wants STU in the mix? No he does not. Pick what ever Squirrel fan you want, Mike is a good guy, he is this and that, which no body will dispute, but what has he done for our hockey team? In a 10 year coaching run he has 2 plus 500 seasons, since taking over as AD he hasn't made the playoffs and we won't this year either. EVERYTHING IS NOT FINE!! WE HAVE WON, WE KNOW WHAT IT TAKES TO WIN, WE CAN WIN AGAIN BUT NOTHING IS CHANGING FOR THIS TO HAPPEN, WAKE THE F UP!!!!

Rantfather is the only one who has any nuts on here at all. (other than the Squirrels, and they are all hidden this time of year...a little ha ha for you) If he's posting, I'm reading. Anytime someone is willing to try and shoot down what he is saying on an overall basis, please keep in mind the Tommies record.....lose Lose LOse LOSe LOSE

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