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11-07-2010, 10:01 AM
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You know one thing I don't understand... I was thinking about this on the bus last night drinking a pop and reading this thread.

If there's any of the 8 coaches in the league who should have a good network of contacts in hockey to help with recruiting it should be Mike Eagles, the guy played over 1,000 professional games, not to mention almost 1,000 in the NHL alone. There has to be people all over the place in junior hockey accross Canada he can call in favours too (ie, talk to players and such). I know when we had Bob here it was somewhat easier to talk to players since he damn near knew everyone in junior hockey (not that it made him a good recruiter, he was almost as bad as Mike) but you know...

Well... maybe that's it. Maybe Mike CAN get to the players, he just can't properly talk to them once he does have them on the line or in front of him.

And for the love of god, like STUTOMMIES said, don't get a french coach or I might freak out. Bad enough we already have to deal with Pete for competition for a very limited pool of players, who also happens to be one of the best recruiters in CIS hockey.

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