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11-07-2010, 12:15 PM
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Originally Posted by captainpaxil View Post
no i absolutely think timo has that effect but as this team grows the amount of coverage we should need dwindles. carle coburn and meszaros have to step into the roles they have as established players in this league. while they are all young and getting better at some point you have to let them try and carry the ball. at the cap hits these guys are carrying you have to judge whether you can justify their salaries and also justify paying kimo extra to babysit. im not saying any of these guys are as good as timonen just that with that kind of depth hes kind of hard to keep around at that cap number.also i want to say again id expect a significantly batter return trading kimo as it implies the growth of these younger players while moving one of them implies a certain lack of faith
Right, but lateral moves for similar-to-weaker won't have that much of an impact if you keep a guy of Timonen's quality around. Take out Timonen, and you'll see a notable drop in the level of play. I mean, remember what happened when we lost Desjardins. Guys like Pitkanen went from looking OK (very very good in Pitkanen's case) to the team being a complete disaster.

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