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11-07-2010, 02:50 PM
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Originally Posted by TankEller View Post
Nothing against Pyatt, but the kid lacks of talent/physicality to actually be a valuable NHLer long-term.

Enough with the PK argument, we have PLENTY of guys capable of playing on the PK, and it's not like White wasn't capable of doing this neither.

We also lack of physical players. But most importantly, we need another scoring presence. Like it or not, those calling it in the summer were right.

I called Lapierre to be traded before the Christmas break, and I still believe he'll be. He's not useful in this team, and I think White would have a bigger impact on this team.

Spacek is playing way better lately. Too bad Gill and Gorges aren't following his example in the last two games.

All in all, we've got to find a way to get another offensively-gifted. It's a must.
Completely agree on Pyatt. I haven't been a fan of his, especially after I discovered the microstat scene in the Spring. The guy is not an NHL-calibre player.

Gill & Gorges had a bad game last night, but the game before I thought they were alright (and they did well scoring-chance wise). In his post of last night's scoring chances, Olivier said that Gill and Gorges Subban were often out with the Pyatt-Lapierre-Boyd line which probably contributed a lot to how horrible the defensemen looked.

With the way he's played the last 2 seasons, I hope Lapierre does not receive a qualifying offer this summer. I'd be able to stomach him for $500k, but $900k is too much when you look at what some free agents got this summer.

If you look at the players getting squeezed salary-wise under the salary cap, it's the veteran, UFA bottom 6 players. If the Habs were to start signing players like Belanger, Dawes, Malholtra rather than give everyday spots to players with 4th-line upside (Pyatt, Lapierre, Boyd, probably Darche though I think he's the best of the 4) we would come away with a much stronger lineup at basically no cost (Pyatt-Lapierre-Boyd make $2 million this year). Sign 2 veteran guys, plop a White (who might have quality 3rd-line upside) or Eller in the lineup and the team would be much better off. Look how well Halpern has worked out so far (though he's scoring at an unsustainable rate).

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