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10-06-2003, 07:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Burke's Evil Spirit
Snyder was wearing a seatbelt.

Also, jail time is not certain...he can plea-bargain and get a misdemeanour charge filed. Or something.

I agree with the consensus...Heatley's a good kid who made a bad mistake...but he should pay for that mistake.
And, I'm sure that he is paying.... right now. Whatever the state does to Heatley will be nothing in comparision to what he'll do to himself. Putting Dany in jail will not bring Dan Snyder back, nor will it assuage his family's pain. Dany's responsibility, at this point, is to those he's harmed, namely Dan Synder's family, not the State of Georgia (and by extension us) who will do nothing but aggrandize their own power over this.

If he's truly a great kid (which I have no reason to believe he is not) he will offer himself in the full serivce of Dan's widow and children for as long as they require of him. That is true penance for his mistake. They are the ones with a greivance and they should set the terms of his punishment. Putting him in jail will do nothing but short-circuit that process and delay, if not, impede forever the healing/restitution process. How does locking him up repair the damage he's done? The punishment doesn't fit the crime in my mind.

I have nothing but the sincerest condolenesces for Dan's family and wish them all the best going forward. I am so very sorry for their loss.

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